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notmensa - are you stupid enough to join?

Welcome to the notmensa interplanetary website. Here we provide a forum for dim-witted, mindless exchange between our low IQ members. It's activities include the exchange of silly jokes, discussions on irrelevant topics, mindless ponderings about trivia and research and debate into achieving world peace by placing old chewing gum into the ears of every human being on the planet.



notmensa - because even the dumb and the ignorant are geniuses

By joining notmensa you will become parts of an interplanetary group of witless individuals who each have an IQ of less than 85. With hundreds of thousands of members, ranging from Presidents to Part Time Baxi Boiler Pilot Lights there is sure to be many who share your particular pointless hobbies and pastimes.


notmensa where idiots shine

Take the online IQ test for idiots and discover just how stupid you really are. Then, provided you are senseless enough to qualify, apply on line for free membership.  Remember only the dumbest 5% of the population qualify to become members of - notmensa we are an exclusive elitist  society!


Test the IQ of your dog, cat, budgie or other loved pet - you may discover that even you epileptic pet snail has a higher intelligence than you. Do not despair, for this is how it should be and confirms that you are a suitable candidate for notmensa


Impress you friends! Amaze your enemies! Prove that you are psychologically challenged.

Become an Honorary Professor of notmensa 

Go to the intellectual section and submit a thesis on one of our exciting hypothesis. By submitting your dumbest, craziest ideas you could qualify for a free, lifetime, one-size-fits-all  Honorary  Professorship of  notmensa


To receive dumb stuff by email join our email list and visit our forum and participate in insane discussions with other idiots. 


NOTE : Student Doctors, Plumbers and Assistant Barn-Yard Animal Impersonators automatically qualify for membership to notmensa as they are, by nature, complete morons.


notmensa the place where pretentious fools hang out

Warning: Taking an IQ test can be damaging to your low self esteem. Never undertake an i.q. test without consulting your psychiatrist. Anyone under the age of 18 or over 60 should, under no circumstance, take more than one IQ test per week. Village idiots are permitted to take two intelligence tests per day, after meals.  notmensa members can take up to 16 test per hour with no effect to their comatose mental state.  


Disclaimer: Not Mensa do not undertake testing of any sort on monkeys, rabbits, dogs, cats or any other animals with an I.Q. greater than that of our societies members. This is not because we are an humane society rather we just do not have the skills to participate in cruel, pointless testing on clever creatures. We do however reserve the right to partake of sweet and sour chicken on club nights and to eat haggis, pork pies and sausage whenever we like. No member of Not Mensa will ever be asked to undertake brain surgery to lower their intelligence however, any member who consistently scores more than 85 will be banned from the society until they bring their intelligence under control. Should you be stupid enough to join or email list we will not bombard you with emails or pass on your details to any 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th party. (Party includes hen nights, disco parties and stag nights) We do reserve the right to email members information that may be of a totally boring and pointless nature and may not make sense to even the author. We also reserve the right to modify the rights without notifying members or actually writing these modified rights on the membership handbook or this website. All email questions regarding membership rights or any other matter will probably be ignored unless incredibly funny.


Membership Benefits : Membership is FREE. There are absolutely no other benefits.






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